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We strongly believe that the outdoor sector should be accessible, welcoming and diverse. By valuing and celebrating the complex and intersecting identities of our participants and staff, we are able to foster a community where everyone belongs.

By supporting Outward Bound Canada, you are helping to bring this vision to life! As a national charitable organization, Outward Bound Canada strives to provide accessible programming across all regions of Canada; whether that be through its youth-serving programs to help build resilient, future-ready and socially conscious leaders, or through the Training Academy to help enrich and enlighten the next generation of Canada’s Outdoor Leaders.

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Some words from past participants.

    “The Outward Bound Training for Outdoor Professionals was such an incredible, memorable, and educational experience run by the most kind, knowledgeable & encouraging instructors, I cannot recommend it enough!! The outdoors is something that everyone should get to experience, no matter their race, age, or income status. With outward bounds efforts, I can see the Outdoor sector transforming & opening up, allowing more individuals to learn, grow, and play in the Outdoors, and I think that’s something really special.”

    Laura Ferreira

    “It was an amazing learning experience. The trainers put their heart in the training. Inspired to explore opportunities in outdoors.

    Vaibbhav Ferreira

    “I am very grateful for the lengths outward bound took to make their trip successful. Their values are in the right spot and it shows in how they operate. The instructors were very patient and informative. I had a lot of fun and made lots of connections. Thank you Outward Bound”

    Terry Nguyen

    “The training academy is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Which sounds so cliche, but it honestly was! I learned so much about guiding and what happens behind the scenes while on trip. I also learned about myself. The instructors really knew when and how to challenge me, and I left feeling more confident in myself and my abilities! I will forever cherish my time as part of the academy. If you haven’t applied yet, do it! You won’t regret it!”

    Leksy Walsh

    “Highest praise for the energetic, knowledgeable, and incredible instructors of Outward Bound Training Academy! My deepest appreciation for their openness, approachability, stories, and how inclusive and accessible they made each session. Wonderful learning environment, thank you!”

    Rosa Wachs

    “The Outward Bound Training Academy was amazing! I learned so many hands-on outdoor leadership skills that build up my confidence. If you have the opportunity to participate, it’s 1000% worth it! You’re going to meet some amazing people and do some awesome things!”

    Caleb Wesley

    “I had the most amazing experience with the Training Academy! I feel so much more confident in my abilities in the outdoors, and also feel comfortable taking others outside to enjoy the beauty of nature. I cannot say enough about this program, including the amazing facilitator’s who shared their wealth of knowledge, along with their passion for the outdoors. If I could, I would take the training all over again, just to meet the next cohort of trainees who are curious like me!”

    Laura Rose

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