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Our highly skilled and seasoned professionals cannot wait to help educate and guide you on your journey.

About our Program Team

Each of our Program Team members brings with them a rich knowledge of outdoor education and teaching techniques to help guide participants on the path toward becoming Outdoor Leaders themselves.

Thunder Shanti

Atlantic Program Manager


“I am driven by a profound love for the outdoors and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. In a variety of ways, I have seen how experiences in nature have the power to heal and build confidence, and it is my goal to share these transformative benefits and foster deeper connections to the land.

As a queer genderfluid femme person living in a larger body, I have experienced some barriers accessing and feeling safe in outdoor spaces. For me, the Training Academy is an ideal convergence of passion, profession, mission and vocation, particularly in how we are working to address representation, accessibility and inequity. It’s not enough for people to ‘feel welcome’ in nature, we need to know that ‘we belong’ in nature too!”

Kristie Langs

Alberta/Rockies Logistics & Course Director


“My early years of working in the Outdoor Industry were a confusing time. I worked at summer camps, taught paddling, led trips for a global student-travel company, and zip-line guided. It was fun and challenging, but seasonal. While I was certified and educated in all of the ways I was required to be, I felt overwhelmed, under-resourced, and disconnected from anyone who could guide me towards a real year-round career in a meaningful way. I love creating opportunities for others to discover the things they love about natural spaces, but I didn’t know how to turn that into a job that felt sustainable, and so I left the industry.

Returning to the Outdoor Industry to work with the Training Academy gives me the opportunity to soften that journey for those coming after me. By facilitating opportunities for our participants to expand their resource toolkits, connect to peers, adapt their paths, and engage in mentorship with my caring and qualified teammates, I’m hopeful that I’m helping to better prepare the next generation for our ever-evolving workplaces.”

13+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience.
Diploma in Outdoor Adventure Business, WFR, Mental Health First Aid, LNT Trainer, IGA Apprentice Interpreter, PADI Open Water Diver, CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor Paddle Canada Skills Certs in Intro Tandem Moving Water Canoe, Intro Tandem and Solo Canoe Tripping, Intro Solo Moving Water Canoe, Sea Kayak Level 2.

Bryant Race

British Columbia Logistics & Course Director


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Samantha Beam

Ontario Logistics & Course Director


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Brandon Boltz

Alberta/Rockies Academy Trainer


“I joined the Training Academy for the “AHA!” moments. The moment(s) in someone’s day where something was said in a way that clicked. The AHA! moment of seeing the best stars of your life. The “Ahhaaaa” of really listening to someone. The “AHAHAHA!” moments of laughing so much. The “AHA!” of finding oneself in a place of belonging with people in beautiful spaces. 

I have been privileged to explore, enjoy and feel safe in outdoor spaces for most of my life. I recognize this is not true for everyone. The Training Academy gives me the opportunity to help change this. Connecting people to paths in the outdoors, and within the industry to share that sense of belonging is the best part of my day.”

14+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience.
LNT Trainer, CGI1, AST1, WFR, MHWFA, Paddle Canada Tandem Moving Water Canoe instructor, SRT, Outdoor Council of Canada instructor: Field Leader Hike, Paddle, Overnight, Map, Compass, Interpretive Guides Association apprentice interpreter. 

Kat Wood

Alberta/Rockies Academy Trainer


“I really like being outside, it’s where I feel most like myself. I remember being a spindly 14-year-old, trying backpacking and climbing for the first time. It lit me up. It pulled me into the moment and into my own body. I still feel that sense of aliveness when I get to explore, play, and challenge myself outside. I’ve met so many fabulous friends and teachers through time spent in the wilderness.

Reflecting on my career as an outdoor educator brings up a million little moments. Following wolf tracks through the snow. Playing with bioluminescence in the ocean. Witnessing a teenager see a river for the first time in his life. Laying on my back in the moss eating wild berries. They’re simple things, but also deeply beautiful. My hope is that through the Training Academy, more folks can share these experiences in wild spaces, and connect to a sense of belonging and joy while doing so.”

14+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience.
ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide, Top Rope Climbing Instructor, Climbing Gym Instructor. Wilderness First Responder, CAA Avalanche Operations Level 1, Rope Rescue Team Leader (Justice institute of BC). Leave No Trace Master Educator. Adventure Guide Diploma (Thompson Rivers University), & Social Work Degree (University of Calgary).

Rachel Gamble

Alberta/Rockies Academy Trainer


“I firmly believe in the transformative power of outdoor experiences. My transformation unfolds as a continuous cycle–a journey that oscillates between moments of cold, damp toes on endless ski tours to nights cradled in the warmth of fluffy sleep systems under the stars. Nature has taught me profound lessons in strength, understanding, and patience, instilling in me the certainty that the cycle will unfailingly restart when the time is right. 

I joined the Training Academy because I am driven by a desire to share this gift with others–the gift of a deeper connection to self, land and fellow adventurers. I see our time as a collaborative, playful journey to explore and expand our ways of knowing and doing. Hopefully see you soon! 

P.S. I accidentally knocked the tarp off of our kitchen in this photo and was clearly feeling cheeky about it. Luckily, it was only -25 that day… brr!”

11+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience.
BA in Therapeutic Recreation, Motivational Interviewer, Interpretive Guides Association: Apprentice Interpreter, Avalanche Safety Training 1 & 2, Crevasse Rescue, Wilderness First Responder, Mental Health Wilderness First Aid, Indigenous Canada, Paddle Canada: River 1 Stand Up Paddleboard, PADI: Open Water Diver, Outdoor Council of Canada: Field Leader Hike, Overnight, Maps.

PJ Richards

British Columbia Academy Trainer


“I’ve always felt most alive and connected amidst the outdoors. From my days as a young weekend warrior, seizing every moment of adventure in nature, to recognizing my calling in sharing its transformative potential with others. My career in the wilderness has been exciting and diverse and I’m thrilled by the opportunity to share my knowledge gained as an outdoor professional and to continue learning from my participants and colleagues.

Privileged with a wealth of experiences, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the personal growth and fulfillment found in working in nature. Now, as part of the Outward Bound Canada Training Academy, I am honored to guide and encourage those venturing into their careers in the outdoors. It’s an exciting prospect to offer insights into various avenues and opportunities in natural spaces and to break barriers, ensuring everyone can access the enriching opportunities of working amidst nature’s rugged beauty.”

13+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience. 
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Adventure Management Guide Diploma – Dean’s List, Wilderness First Responder, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides: Climbing Gym Instructor (CGI) and Top Rope Climbing Instructor (TRCI), Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of British Columbia AOG, Mental Health Wilderness First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Canadian Avalanche Association L1, Avalanche Skills Training 1&2, Search And Rescue Rope Rescue Team Leader, Commercial Bear Viewing Association L1, Interpretive Guide Association: Interpretive Specialist and Apprentice Interpreter Instructor, Small Vessel Operator Proficiency license, Marine Emergency Duties A3, NOLS Risk Management Training, Wilderness and Wildlife Risk Analyst/Consultant, Outdoor Council of Canada Instructor: Field Leader Hike, Field Leader Paddle, Field Leader Overnight, Field Leader Winter, Navigation (Map and Compass).

Shaylin Warren

British Columbia Academy Trainer


“My roots run deep around the Salish Sea. My relations are to the Albany family from the Songhees Nation and the Warren family from the Esquimalt Nation. I also come from European, Cree, Métis and Ojibwe descent.

As an Indigenous woman with mixed-ancestry, I step between two worlds. I am committed to working towards social health and well-being for all. I joined the Training Academy because I believe the program can foster collaborative innovation in the outdoor job market to protect our environment and future generations.”

2+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience.
BC Certified Teacher, Legacy of Hope Foundation Board Member, Wilderness First Responder, Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate, Paddle Canada Advanced Coastal Canoeing Skills & Introduction Tandem Lake Canoe Instructor, Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC Assistant Overnight Guide, Interpretive Guides Association Interpretive Specialist and Apprentice Interpreter Instructor, Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader (Hiking) Instructor. 

Béa Beaudoin-Masse

Ontario Academy Trainer


“For me, the outdoors has always been a place of self discovery and of profound connections. As a kid, it is where I explored my sense of wonder and curiosity. As a teen, it is where I realized my strengths both physically and mentally. As an adult, it is where I have been able to find a thriving career. A career that has allowed me to be active, to be outside, to continuously learn and  engage with people from all walks of life. 

Looking back, I have come to realize my privilege in accessing these opportunities. I am humbled by the generosity of those who shared with me their skills and their passion. I joined the Training Academy to carry that generosity forward, especially for those who wouldn’t have the chance otherwise. Spending my summers instructing canoe expeditions with youth has filled my life with meaning. I deeply believe in what I do and I am grateful for this opportunity to support others who want to do the same, using the outdoors as a catalyst for growth and change.”

8+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience. 
Wilderness First Responder; Mental Health Wilderness First Aid Basic Level & Mental Health First Aid from Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC); National Lifeguard & Swiftwater Rescue from the Lifesaving Society; Whitewater Canoeing Level 2, Lake Canoeing Level 2, Sea Kayaking Level 2 From Canoe Kayak Quebec; Intermediate Tandem Lake Canoe Skills, Intermediate Tandem Moving Water Canoe Skills & Leadership Camping Skills From Paddle Canada; Field Leader Hiking, Paddling, Winter, Overnight from Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC); Apprentice Interpreter from the Interpretive Guide Association (IGA) & Leave No Trace Ambassador; Avalanche Operation Level 1 from the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) & Ski Instructor Level 1 from Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliances (CSIA).

Drew Moore

Ontario Academy Trainer


“Every opportunity I get, I spend it outdoors. The outdoors has been a foundational learning environment for me for as long as I can remember. The Training Academy allows me to continue that learning by making connections and sharing experiences with others. I am so grateful to all the people and places I continue to learn from.

I have had the privilege to learn, grow and develop my outdoor skills and experiences in a place that has felt safe and welcoming. This is not true for all. The Training Academy allows me to work with an incredible team to create connections, build community and share our collective knowledge to bring changes and updates to this amazing industry.”

17+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience. 
Honours Degree in Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism, Wilderness First Responder, Paddle Canada Intermediate Moving Water Instructors: Tandem & Solo, Paddle Canada Intermediate Lake Water Instructors: Tandem & Solo, ORCKA Moving water Instructor Level 2 & Basic Canoeing Instructor, Swift Water Rescue Technician, National Lifeguard, Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner, Interpretive Guides Alliance Apprentice Interpreter, Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader Instructor: Hike, Paddle Overnight, Winter, Mental Health First Aid, Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 1.

Hannah Enns

Ontario Academy Trainer


“I am grateful to the trees, rivers, lakes, and critters that make up the outdoor spaces where I work. All of these pieces bring a power to the outdoors, making it a dynamic learning space to empower resiliency, incite curiosity, and build relationships between humans and the natural world. I am also grateful to the trees, creeks, raccoons, and crows that make up the urban environment of downtown Toronto where I live. They remind me that “wild” spaces exist all around us. I am passionate about breaking down barriers to the outdoors and connecting people in meaningful ways to the wild spaces that surround them.

In working with the Training Academy, I enjoy pulling back the curtain and talking about the theory and care behind the work we do. This is a way for me to combine my love of theory as well as practice and share in building up the toolboxes of other outdoor leaders.”

5+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience. 
Diploma in Outdoor Adventure and Education, BA in Peace and Conflict Studies ORCKA certs: Level 1A Moving Water, Level 2 Canoe Tripping, Level 3 Basic Canoeing, Level 4 Solo Basic Canoeing. Ice Safety and Rescue, Ropes level 1, Bronze Cross, Hike Ontario Hike Leader, OCC Field Leader, IGA Apprentice Interpreter, CWF Project WILD, WFR, TCI, MHWFA.

Milton Hill

Ontario Academy Trainer


“I graduated from the Outdoor Adventure Program at Fleming College (Frost Campus) in 2019 and have worked in the Kawarthas ever since. Prior to joining the Training Academy, I had personally been working toward ways of teaching Outdoor Education to those who don’t usually get a chance to experience nature; namely people of the BIPOC community. I found that the aims and objectives of the Training Academy resonated with my own, and I am humbled to be a part of this project.

As an Outdoor Educator, I come to this work influenced by a variety of different philosophies and disciplines; Philosophical Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Wu Xing, Ubuntu & their servant leadership model, Non Violent Communication, Akinomooshin (learning by interacting with the land: Ojibwe). I also craft some of my own items; in wood, leather, bone, and metal that might be useful in nature. The inspiration for these projects comes through local Indigenous technology, and from global indigenous peoples. I hold an integrated vision of hard and soft outdoor skills that reflects the nature of how things actually present themselves in life.”

9+ years of Outdoor Leadership experience.
Diploma for Outdoor Adventure Education, Fleming College (Frost Campus); WFR (Wilderness First Responder); Basic Canoeing Instructor (ORCKA); Basic Canoeing (ORCKA); Level 2 Canoe Tripping (ORCKA); Level 3 Canoe Tripping (ORCKA); Certified Hike Leader (Hike Ontario).

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