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Below are a series of common questions that are typically asked by participants looking to take part in our program.

Program-related Questions

Below are some common questions that we’ve received about our program.

You can bring your own gear if you’d prefer, but in an effort to make our program more accessible, gear will be provided to those who need it.

Though physical activity is a part of our program, we do our best to make sure that activities are relatively accommodating and ensure that most (if not all) participants can take part.

Depending on the level of program you choose (Foundations or Essentials), skill requirements will vary. At the Foundations level, no previous experience or skills are necessary. However, at the Essentials level, some previous outdoor experience or participation in our Foundations level program is required.

Accommodations will be provided for our Intensive and wilderness-based programs. Programs held within an urban setting will consist of day-long schedules with participants being able to return home for the day.

Though the program is free to all participants, transportation and travel costs are not covered.

Provided that you are able to cover your own travel costs, you are able to take part in a program located in a different province.

Provided that you are able to cover your own travel costs, you are able to mix and match your programming.

Learning modules will remain the same across each region; however, Outdoor Journey activities will vary depending on location.

Due to the location of each program site, access to the internet may be limited so participants should expect to be disconnected during the duration of the program.

In an effort to make our program more accessible, during our participant intake process we ensure that we make a note of each participant’s dietary restrictions and plan accordingly in order to address all food restrictions and/or sensitivities.

Depending on the level of program you choose, we do our best to make sure that our programs are as accessible as possible. As such, the Centre-based Learning portion of each program is widely accessible to all; however, depending on your ability, the Outdoor Journey maybe or may not be suitable for you. During our participant intake process, we will work with you to assess whether the Outdoor Journey is right for you and we encourage all participants, regardless of your perceived ability, to apply!

Though we strive to make our program as accessible as possible, we cannot guarantee that all religious practices can be accommodated for. As such, during our participant intake process, please make us aware of any religious practices that you may participate in and our team will gladly let you know whether or not we can accommodate for your practice.

Registration-related Questions

Below are some common questions we’ve received about our registration process.

Once you have figured out which program you’d like to participate in, you can CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. The registration portal remains the same for all programs, with the difference being which program you select during the registration process.

Although we would like to accept as many applicants as possible, unfortunately, at this time we can only accept Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, and folks with Student Visas or Work Visas into our program.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply. There is currently no age limit restriction.

General Questions

Below are some common, generally asked questions.

Please visit our ABOUT PAGE.

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