For those with a serious interest in working in the Outdoors

Enhance your career in Canada’s Outdoor Industry.

Enhance your Outdoor Career

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Broken up into two formats (Access and Intensive) to fit any schedule, this program will help current Outdoor Leaders differentiate themselves from other instructors and grow their current skill set by pairing Centre-based Modules with an extended Outdoor Journey.

This program is specifically meant for those with a serious interest in pursuing a career in outdoor leadership, with a focus on leading groups in extended wilderness travel. It will provide participants with well-rounded training that incorporates both the technical and relational skills needed to work in today’s outdoor sector.

*Please note: acceptance into one program does not guarantee acceptance into another program or certification. Please see eligibility criteria for certification courses.

Program Modules

During this program, you will learn about a series of topics, including but not limited to:

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

Learn about the various aspects of JEDI and how it applies to an outdoor setting.

Coaching Skills

Learn the tools and techniques to build positive connections, cultivate a growth mindset, and support others in their development and learning.

Indigenous Land Perspectives

Learn about the impacts of colonialism on the land and people from an Indigenous perspective, and tools to decolonize your practice.

Trauma-Informed Outdoor Leadership

Learn how past trauma can impact others in the field, while also equipping ourselves with the skills and resources to support others.

Environmental Leadership

Learn about our natural world and what it takes to be a good steward for the next generation.

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