Diverse Voices in the Outdoors: An Anthology (Volume 1)

Volume 1 in our Diverse Voices in the Outdoors: An Anthology, we are proud to provide a platform and opportunity for those not traditionally heard from within that outdoor industry to share their stories in their own words about their experiences within the outdoors.

* * * * *

Through honest essays, personal reflections, and heartfelt poetry, Diverse Voices explores personal relationships with Canada’s outdoor spaces. The project asks writers to reflect on joy and inspiration, to share what barriers exist and why exclusion persists and provides a creative outlet for voices so often unheard.

The Diverse Voices anthology is an anthology of human stories, with contributions from a diverse range of communities. Our priority was to ensure contributors share their stories in ways that were authentic and honest to them, and we accepted all interpretations of ‘outdoors’ so as not to impose our own views.

By highlighting the ideas and experiences of individuals not traditionally heard from within the outdoor sector, it is our goal to encourage internal reflection, support and encourage sector change and prompt rich discussion to broaden our perspective.


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